A sobering statistic that doesn’t have to be…

Every year in the U.S. nearly 500,000 people acquire catheter-related blood stream infections. Up to 25% die, even though most of these infections are preventable.


The DualCap System™

The DualCap System™ is a breakthrough infection control technology that does something no other disinfectant cap can — safely disinfect and protect both IV access valves and the end of the IV tubing (male luer). In the past, contaminated male luers were overlooked as a source of infection and there was no reliably safe way to disinfect male luers. With DualCap® clinicians have a quick and easy way to keep IV connectors disinfected and safe for use, helping prevent deadly bloodstream infections. » Learn More

The IV line bundle begins and ends with DualCap™

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At Catheter Connections®, we develop innovative IV catheter care products that can help protect patients from costly and deadly infections. DualCap® was invented by two infusion nurses who understood the limitations of traditional “Scrub the Hub” disinfection and other disinfection cap products. The DualCap System™ significantly reduces variability in nursing practice by providing a standard, comprehensive and auditable method for IV connector disinfection.

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