Catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSIs) are a leading cause of death in the U.S.

  • Approximately 500,000 cases each year (Nationwide Inpatient Sample 2003)
  • 12-25% mortality rate (CDC 2003)
  • $300M - $11B to treat annually (Shannon 2006)
  • 44% of the total cost of care (Maklin 2007)

"We're doing that which we know how to do, and it's not having the intended effect... We need to identify other things we can do to drive down that rate of infections [CRBSIs]."

Nancy Foster, Vice President for Quality and Safety at the American Hospital Association. (April 2010)


DualCap™ is a sterile, single-use device containing two disinfecting caps – one for the needleless injection site (NIS) and one for the end of the IV tubing (male luer). Each cap contains 70% isopropyl alcohol and a patent-pending delivery mechanism. DualCap has been proven to significantly reduce the bacterial contamination associated with catheter related blood stream infections. (Data on file)

For the first time, there is a technology that safely disinfects both the NIS and the male luer. By protecting both access points, DualCap helps to prevent intraluminal contamination, the most common way IV connectors contribute to CRBSIs. With a national focus on the issue, there is increasing pressure to find cost-effective ways to decrease CRBSI rates.

DualCap is a new technology that helps healthcare facilities:

  • Keep IV connections disinfected from the start
  • Protect and disinfect luer access valves (needleless injection sites) and male luers

DualCap is easy-to-use:

  • No swabbing
  • Saves time

DualCap standardizes IV care:

  • Product is the protocol
  • Visual compliance assurance
  • CDC and NPSG guideline conformity